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The concept for Kitchen Survival 101 was born out of one of countless late-night conversations between a chef and his web designer wife about all things food.  They thought, “..hey wait! Let’s combine our talents, recruit other food geeks, and start writing about what we know and love.”  and Voila! Kitchen Survival 101 was born. Meet our dream team of contributors.


With over 25 years in the professional kitchen, The Chef has much to say about the industry and gets incredibly creative with his experiments. From frontal lobe tacos to chaga honey, from beekeeping to homebrewing, Chef dabbles in it all.


Being married to a professional chef without being involved in the industry offers some unique challenges. Get some perspective on what it’s like to be a food snob, a “single” parent, and a low-maintenance, independent gal.


Mistress of baking, Cookie Cutter has a passion for all things fondant, sprinkly, and sugary. Her magic hands can take the most basic of ingredients and transform them into edible works of art. Looking at her dishes might well be enough to send you into a diabetic coma.


Necessity begets creativity. Budget Betty will show you how to make amazing dishes for pennies, with a toddler underfoot and a spatula in hand. Fast? Check. Cheap? Check. Kid-Friendly? Check. Homemade? Always.


Cooking is the only chore this mother of three enjoys. She tends to be somewhat overambitious in the kitchen and currently has a 70-30% delicious-not delicious ratio. Born in the desert Southwest, she still can’t believe the natural bounty of the Ohio Valley she now calls home.


Frisky focuses on using the freshest available ingredients in her dishes. Don’t be surprised to see her using her own aromatics and tinctures, as she’s not only a fabulous cook, she’s got the mother of all green thumbs to boot. What she does comes straight from Mother Earth to the gullet. You can’t get fresher, or friskier, than that!


Ostentatious former Marine turned single mom. Grew up on jelly sandwiches and mac and cheese. Domesticator was a vegetarian for eight years until she remembered how amazing bacon is. With a focus on healthy cooking, and pushing herself to try new things; foods, as well as techniques. She is inspired by anyone who is passionate about cooking and not arrogant about it. There’s always room for improvement!


Grew up eating out of cans and microwaves.  Thirty years later, attempting to develop a “palette” …whatever that is… Desperate to learn to transform real ingredients into real foods and always adventurous about what goes in her mouth.  Flavors may be foreign, but one thing is certain, this girl likes to chop…


This grandmother offers an arsenal of well-loved family favorite recipes that have been tried and true, to her most loved tunes that may show up on her weekly radio show, The Comfort and Joy Show.  Its all about a positive attitude.  Everything is going to be all right.


The mistress of all things comfort, Wuuusaa Mama has no less than six (!) favorite mac and cheese recipes. Yes, I said six…


This saucy dish will teach you how to kitchen it up and get’cher okra on.


We like to call Blade “”Mr. Experimental”. This home-cook is armed with a passion for food, a grill, a smoker, and an allergy to following recipes.


“Nuf said. This woman hates to cook, yet for some reason finds herself doing it anyway. Find out how to survive the kitchen when you think the only thing food is good for is eating.


End of winter….the cold, the eternally fickle snow drop strafed by cold rains, the drear days drag on. Where to find some relief? Needing a bright spot, I decide to warm the house – warm my heart – bake cookies. This is usually a quick, easy fix! Continue reading

Despite it being a marinated meat that is traditionally grilled, and the grill being buried under about four feet of snow still, pan frying in the trusty man pan worked out perfectly for this particular dish Continue reading

Our Korean themed cooking day was coming up, and I was armed with a list of Korean words that could either turn out tasty or go horribly, horribly wrong. I don’t know. I know next to nothing about Korean food because our go-to Asian cuisine for cooking at home is usually Thai. Continue reading

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