HomieGurl Soft Pretzels

This is one of those foods that you will not want to buy at the food store or at the local grab and run kiosk, once you’ve made them at home. Simple to bang out and a fun project for cold winter days when you want to warm up the house with yummy home cooking.

Smoking Tofu on the Grill

Long, long ago, and in a faraway place, a restless wandering teen found herself at a rainbow picnic in a drizzly Northwestern city. There she ate some tofu, and Lo! It was delicious, which nobody had ever expected…

Anyway, that was me and I still occasionally experiment with tofu because I know it can be done and I want to see if I can do it. I like a challenge, and, if you know more than three people (vegan or not) who actually get excited to eat the quivery blobs then, well, you know different people than me, I guess.

English Scones with Blueberry Stilton and Lavender

Scones are on the list of foods I detested from childhood because I’d never had them prepared quite to my tastes. I associated the word “scones” with the heeby-jeeby tactile sensation I get from pulling wet sweaters out of the washing machine or squeezing cotton balls. Sounds weird, I know, but that’s what scones reminded me of until a recent 4:30 a.m. airport adventure with all three of my kits in tow. After baggage was checked and carry-on’s were rifled through to a soundtrack of tired toddler wailing, we passed a coffee/tea/baked goods stand from a chain I’m not familiar with and don’t remember the name of.

Rose Petals and White Peaches

Beautifully preparing the just ripened fruits of summer as a dessert is close to my heart. This is type of food is a sweet expression of your love and it honors the natural spirit of whatever freshly picked fruit you choose.

Flavorful Homemade Flatbread

Regardless of whether or not I can come up with an articulate sentence about the stuff, flatbread is definitely having a moment, and it’s surprisingly easy to make if you have the time. Versatile, too, making delicious sandwiches or quesadillas even though it isn’t quite bread and isn’t quite tortillas, either. I have big plans to try baking some into dip chips in the unlikely event that I ever have leftovers.

Chill’n with Rose Granita

Granita are veritable chameleons – you can fusion their flavors in endless ways. Granita are the Italian version of our American snowcones – although granita are a grown up ice capade, usually including a measure of liqueur or wine. I like them best at the end of a long, hot summer day – doing a double chill down of my last remaining frazzled nerve.

In their non-alcohol form, granita are wonderful for clearing the palate between dining courses.

Wedding Crush – Rose Petal Flan

Rose Petal Flan – If you’re into weddings and roses and all that fluffy, girly romantic stuff….keep checking back to see each of the rose flower recipes. Garnish with fresh or candied rose petals.
Serve with love!



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