Blazing Georgia Peaches Recipe

I threw caution out the kitchen window yesterday and turned my domesticated womanly area into a fruit jam laboratory while brewing up a delectable mess of juicy sweet peaches infused with Meyer Lemon Blossom Tincture and Sweet Orange Tincture (two alcohol-based macerations created for my natural perfumes). To this experimental recipe, I added a handful of vinegar drunken – chopped jalapeno peppers.

peachy jalapenos

The resulting delish taste is a “blow the lid off the jam” fest! Food safe tinctures and food safe perfumer’s essential oils fall into the category of Chef’s Essences – fun, trendy, and precious food additions for jacking up the heat in the kitchen. I love to cook with aromatic essences…they add sparkle and unique qualities to the food. Always fun to serve up to my foodie friends and then engage as they roll the taste around their palates trying to pinpoint the exact mix of ingredients.

 Did You Know?
  • In China, the peach is referred to as “Longevity Peach”. It’s believed they extend life.
  • Peaches are full of potassium, beta-carotene and vitamin C.
  • The iron in peaches is readily available to the body, while the iron in spinach may be not so easily assimilated due to the oxalates.

Does this mean Miss Georgia Peach is stronger than Popeye?

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  1. Mix all ingredients together in heavy pot over medium heat.
  2. Stir regularly to prevent bottom scorching.
  3. When jam has reached the plopping boil point, reduce heat to low and simmer until fruits are soft. Cool.
Recipe Notes

*The faster the fruit mixture cooks (without burning) the brighter your jam color. You may want to experiment with the amount of jalapeno you add, as the sugar in this recipe has the effect of reducing the heat of the peppers. You may want to add cayenne pepper flakes to enhance the heat sensation.

*You may also add green and red sweet pepper pieces for additional texture and color.

*This jam is excellent on English muffins, on melon slices, dolloped onto ice cream, used as a dip for cheese and crackers. It also adds a tasty accent to roast meats.

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