Butter – Roll In It or Eat It ?

The weirdest thing happened between me and butter today. Yes – straight up odd and wildly unexpected!!

irish butterI was forced to buy a package of unknown, untasted butter in place of my usual purchase of the lovely Plugra. The grocery store was completely sold out of my favorite butter. The only “real” butter left on the shelves beside the store brand (which is highly suspect in most cases) was Kerry Gold. This gold foil packaged pile of butter had not been touched. The cubes of butter were smartly stacked, triple high with not one package missing from the perfectly aligned rows. Usually, this is a dead give away…the untouched stuff that does not taste good or is full of unhealthy somethings or is priced out as pure gold.

Desperate to avoid the glut of evil margarine and fake butter pretending to be organic, free-range miracles, I reached for that Kerry Gold quickly dropping it into my shopping basket. Heading back to the kitchen, I thought about this butter, eternal optimist that I am. I hoped for the best possible outcome but knew the odds were loaded heavily in favor of another disappointing off the shelf purchase. Finding good, health supportive foods (other than in the organic foods sections) in a mainstream, big box food store is an adventure in shopping-induced depression – lol!

What I received when I sucked down my first spoon of butter noodles, (a deeply held family comfort food) was immediate tongue/taste recognition. Up to that point, I had never in my entire life tasted Kerry Gold Butter. No – never – never – never – ever! I swear!! What transpired in my mouthful of noodles was nothing short of awe-mazing.

I was immediately mentally transported to the green isle of my farming and animal husbandry ancestors. OM – seriously G! The green grassy flavor of that butter was as comfortable and known to me as though I had freshly churned it myself that very morning! I.Knew.That.Butter.Intimately! What the foo…..?

My surprise at what had happened turned me into a demon researcher, delving into centuries of butter knowledge and the depths of scholarly research. It turns out this phenomenon I experienced is perhaps genetic memory. Have you heard of epigenetics? The scientific community studies this topic convenes to compare notes and presents research papers on the subject. The most recent research shows that yes indeedy, folks….we may well have genetic food memories! Memories that help prevent us from accidentally poisoning ourselves and also memories that are related to our ancestors’ life experiences.

old country butter cookieWell, here is where it gets interesting. Our family comes from Irish/Scottish lines – people who lived close to the land that sustained their lives. Kerry Gold is produced from the milk of Irish ­cows that are grass grazed for 90% of their milking life. This butter is produced in Ireland, frozen in large vats, then transported to packaging facilities around the world, including the USA. It’s non-GMO, hormone free, no-gluten (most domestic butter is made from the milk of grain-fed cows) and has a high-fat content which contributes to its creaminess. The natural yellow gold color comes from the beta-carotene rich grass grazed by the cows.

I had an EPIC epigenetic rave in my mouth when I tasted this butter. It gets a 5-star rating from me. It’s fresh real butter, verdant pasture glory is a welcome change from the bland, industrial, heart-stopping, faux crap that’s passed off as butter in this country!

Move over Jameson, Guinness, Waterford, there is another contender for best Irish export. I may never use another butter again. It seems I have recovered my familial food roots.

Oh sweet yes… butter cookies here we come!

Gold Foil Kerry Gold – best for spreading.
Silver Foil Kerry Gold – best for cooking.

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