Cooking Ratios pt. 1: Vinaigrette

One of the keys to surviving as a professional cook is to have certain recipe ratios memorized (ie 1.5 parts Sushi Rice to 2 parts Water).

Here’s a simple ratio for vinaigrette.

3 parts Oil to 1 part Acid. With this simple (3:1) start you can create endless varieties of vinaigrettes.

Oil: you can use a wide variety of oils,  Sesame, Walnut, Olive or a neutral Canola.

Acid: when I say acid I’m talking Vinegar or Citrus Juice. Balsamic or Sherry Vinegar for complexity,  Rice Wine Vinegar or Lemon Juice for lighter vinaigrette. Any vinegar can work.

Flavors/Add-ins: a vinaigrette can be as simple as good Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar but most are more involved. You can add a wide variety of things to your vinaigrette base,  Shallots and Dijon Mustard or more adventurous things like Carrot Puree and Pickled Ginger to Hijiki Seaweed.

Knowing this simple ratio, you’ll always be able to form as simple or as complex of a dressing you want.