Interested in becoming a contributing writer for Kitchen Survival? Have a product you’d like reviewed by our blogging team? Interested in becoming a sponsor or advertiser? Want us to become a product ambassador for your product? Find all the answers to your questions below.

What is Kitchen Survival
The brainchild of a chef and a web designer, Kitchen Survival is a multi-blogger website about food and drink, kitchen gadgets and dining establishments. It’s a place for us to document our food-related trials and tribulations, write about food experiments, review gadgets and restaurants, and discuss the food service industry. Each writer has a unique voice; some work in the industry, others are classically trained but have pursued alternative careers, yet others are stay-at-home-moms, passionate foodies, locavores, vegetarians, people who hate cooking but do it anyway, or bartenders, servers, etc. The common theme is a love of food and drink, dining adventures and culinary experimentation. Learn more about our foodie team of writers.

Who Can Submit Content
Anyone who has a passion for both the culinary world and the written word, who anticipated they can be a solid and consistent contributor. We ask for a steady volume of articles from our writers – at least one new blog a month. Contributors who stand idle for too long will be restricted to a subscriber status and will not be able to publish new blogs without contacting us first.

What Can I Submit
Personal experience, fresh ideas and original content (including photography). We are not interested in regurgitated recipes from other sources, so don’t bother contacting us if you’re only interested in cooking up something you found on another website, kind of liked it a little bit, and think you should write something about it. That would be the foodie version of “one time at band camp”.

How Do I Become a Contributor
Read our submission guidelines.
Apply to become a Kitchen Survival blogger by filling out the writer application.
Tell us the following things about yourself:

  • Your name, phone number and email address
  • Your state of residency
  • Your anticipated frequency of blog production
  • Your preferred alias (see who the f@&%*?)
  • One brief paragraph about your alias
  • A brief list of food topics you find interesting
  • Email your first blog & photos to
How Do I Get My Product Reviewed
Provide us with a brief description of your product. Mail us two samples of your product (one to test-drive, one to use as a free giveaway for our readers), and we will try it out and share the love. Product samples are not returned. Reviews are always honest and are usually published within 1-2 weeks after receipt of product. Mailing address:
Kitchen Survival 101
PO Box 32
Bethlehem, NH 03574

How Do I Get My Establishment Reviewed
Invite us to come try it out. We have writers all over the United States. If your establishment is in close proximity to one of our bloggers, we will come check you out.

How Do I Advertise My Business

  1. Review Our Media Kit
  2. Contact Us

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