Glad My Parents Let Me Play With Sharp Things

In theory, this should be a great kitchen gadget! ….and I’m trying to convince myself this is the case.

For a while, I’ve been lusting after one of these oil sprayers.  Each time, I hit the kitchen section of Bed, Bath, and Whatever, I would take a minute to re-read the info printed on the box containing said oil sprayer.  I finally convinced myself that indeed, I needed this kitchen whiz-apparatus and home it came with me.

What I do like about this gadget is the self-contained pump-it up spray feature.   It uses no nasty air fouling aerosols or ozone hole enlarging propellants.   It pumps up and sprays, powered by the same air we breathe.  Fill the inner bottle half full with your favorite cooking oil (a premium press olive oil fills mine), then hand-pump the vacuum lid about 15 times – remove lid – aim, and spray.  Seems simple and to the point, right?  Well – yes and no…. it is easy to use, however, the spray hole is so small that getting your oil “sprayed” out is quite an under-accomplishment.  To adequately coat the bottom of my 12″ skillet pan I have to pump and spray at least two times.  The sprayer stutters and poops out little oil globules.   Forget about achieving a fine even mist, this is not going to happen.

It does work, but be ready to clean (each time you use it) the oil rivulets that dribble down the metal container.  DH tells me I need to use a lighter oil. (I think he means a 10/20 auto grade – thin and ultra slick.)  Nah – but thanks, I’m not quite ready to lubricate my body workings with anything other than olive oil – lol.

Due to my gadget frustration, I decided to re-engineer this “should be handy” kitchen tool.   Today, I went at it with a pokey metal pointed thang.   I enlarged the sprayer hole by carefully reaming it out with a pin.  Hurrah!!   What a difference…it now takes only one pump action to spray the entire skillet and doesn’t dribble as much.  I’m glad my parents allowed me to play (aka experiment) with nails, hammers and sharp objects as a kid.

I’m so thrilled with this outcome that I’m out of here to bake a batch of cookies.  I’ll be doing a Suzy Homemaker impersonation in my kitchen, pumping and spraying to my heart’s delight with my handy-dandy Misto Oil Sprayer.    …..all the while, reducing my carbon footprint by not further adding to our poor air quality.

Almond Pocket Cookies coming up!


Did You Know?

  • 70,000 premature deaths in the U.S. each year are tied to air pollution.
  • The USA releases one quarter of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions. From 1990 to 2002, U.S. CO2 emissions increased 95 percent from 1960 levels.
  • The American Consumer Institute reports that in the next 10 years, the effects of using broadband and the Internet will save an estimated 1 billion tons of carbon from being released into the air.