One may ask…what exactly is Wuusaaa?

Wuusaaa is a state of zen….harmony, calm, satisfaction, bliss, home, chill, contentment, comfort…you got the jist.

I encourage everyone to have a lil Wuusaaa in their lives!  The term itself is so practical & can be used in a whole medley of ways…a hyper Golden Retriever jumps on you, you reprimand “Sam! Wuusaaa!” and when you & your love muffin just get through doing the moonlight disco you sigh “Wuusaaa, Baby…” or you are admiring a breathtaking view of the mountains with a cold bottle of suds in hand, you think “Wuusaaa…” or the kids are arguing in the back seat, you scold “Wuusaaa, Children, Wuusaaa.” and I’m sure Little Miz I Don’t Cook will light her pipe and say “Wuusaaa …” but my favorite is when I lean over something cooking, the aroma just dancing & swirling in the air, that’s when I go “Mmmmm… Wuusaaa …”

What better way to accomplish and celebrate Wuusaaa than through food? Food captures & tantalizes all 5 your senses….the sound of herb-buttered steaks sizzling on the grill…the smell of fresh apple crisp baking in the oven…the sight of a beautiful rainbow of veggies stewing away in the crock…the texture of a delicate chocolate mousse when in first touches your tongue.  I find the act of cooking in itself soothing, creative & rewarding. As an avid amateur gardener, I love using my own fresh veggies & herbs in the foods I prepare as well.  Although Italian cooking is near & dear to my heart, I am a tinkerer.  I must admit, I am not a brave diner, but I do like to try new recipes & they tend to be of the comfort, country-living variety.  So I welcome you to my zen & rest-assured that the recipes I post will trigger a lil Wuusaaa in you too.