So, my husband grew up in Arizona. Southern Arizona; literally five minutes away from the border of Mexico. Mexican food was a staple where he lived.

Here on the East Coast it’s a luxury that we rarely get. Mexican restaurants are few and rarely tasty. We’ve adapted to this and have learned to make our own Mexican food.


One thing we enjoy making and eating is chorizo, a pork sausage with all the wonderful spices regularly used in Mexican cooking.

After testing out a few recipes, we finally found one suited to our tastes.


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  1. Place ground pork in a large mixing bowl, and add all remaining ingredients. The original recipe called for 3 1/2 tsp. salt but on our first try we found it to be much too salty. This time we left out the salt and it was much better.
  2. If you want your chorizo to be spicier, you can add a lot more chili powder or even play around with different types of chili such as adobo and chipotle. Likewise, if you want less spice you can substitute some of the chile powder for paprika.
  3. It's all about personal preference.
  4. Mix all ingredients with two forks until it is thoroughly and evenly mixed.
  5. Use your hands and knead the chorizo some more until it is completely mixed. Cover, refrigerate and let the chorizo cure for a couple of days.
  6. Be sure to wash your hands THOROUGHLY when you are done, you don't want to rub your eyes with all that pepper still on them.
  7. This stuff freezes well and will keep in the fridge for a good couple of weeks. The longer you let it cure the better it will taste.
  8. You can even stuff it in a casing and smoke it like any other sausage.
  9. To cook, you just toss it in a pan and cook until it is slightly browned.
Recipe Notes

You can eat it with huevos rancheros, serve it up with black beans, or our favorite: pile it on a tortilla with scrambled eggs and cheese for some tasty breakfast burritos.

By Budget Betty

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