Hoo Rag Product Review

Working in a commercial kitchen means very often long hours in a confined and extremely hot environment dancing with co-workers while surrounded by knives, fire and boiling oil. Besides staying hydrated, wearing comfortable clothes and keeping as cool as possible is very important, enter the Hoo-rag.

chef hoorag

Upon first look, the Hoo-rag is just a seamless tube of blended stretchable fabric, but after 4 months of use in the kitchen, it’s proven to be a versatile and important part of my work life.

The Hoo-rag is made of a light fabric and when folded up is about the size of a smartphone and fits into a pocket. The breathable moister wicking Hoo-rag can be worn many ways; as a headband, dew rag, face rag, ponytail holder and as I prefer to wear it, a neck rag. In a pinch folded up, I’ve used it as a pot holder and even filled it with ice tied it around a burned hand as a cold compress. Hell as I write this my Hoo-rag is serving as a beer cozy.

This very functional and durable product gets thumbs up from us at KS101. Hoo-rags are available in many designs or customize your own at hoo-rags