Hey Mom, what’s for dinner?  Wait. What?  You’re not cooking tonight?  But Mommmmm, I invited Bobby over for dinner.


Fridge Magnet


Have you had a rough day and all you need is a little understanding from the family unit?  Yes?  The last thing you want to do is hang out in the kitchen and try to explain your reasons for not providing a hot, tasty happy homemaker meal.

We’ve found the perfect kitchen gadget for you, which will make in-home dining status announcements a thing of the past. Just pull this shiny little baby out of the knife drawer, stab it on the fridge and let it do all your talking.  We’ve had the ginzu knife, now we have the kitchen haiku knife. “No dinner tonight” in universal fridge magnet language.

Other possible uses:

  • intimidate the in-laws
  • hang scary fridge art
  • Halloween head gear for Uncle Cliff (who has that handy-dandy metal plate in his skull)