Kitchen Drawer Wars

The key to success in any kitchen is organization and having the right tools for the job close at hand. Having lived in the same home for ten years our “utensil” drawer has become a jam-packed imbroglio. With nearly a 100 gadgets, widgets and downright oddities hogging up a large part of my kitchen it is time to “cull” the herd. But how?

how useful is a strawberry stemmer, really?

The solution came to me when I started asking myself: when was the last time I used a strawberry stemmer? a bamboo grater, 3 muddlers? and that adjustable measuring spoon that’s sitting next to 2 turkey basters.

The solution? It all had to go…to the other side of the house or even outside.

My utensil drawer will be emptied, boxed, and placed on the screened-in porch for the next 6 months. The theory is if I have to walk across the house and into possibly negative 10-degree weather to get something, it deserves to be in the drawer. After 6 months, what is left in the box will be re-gifted.

Hands up, who wants a strawberry stem picker!