Swedish Kroppkaka Gnocchi Recipe

I have a weakness. Mashed potatoes. I could probably eat them every day and not complain. During holiday gatherings, the family always make extra so that my niece and I don’t get into physical altercations over them, we still do, but mostly as a joke… mostly. So when I came across a traditional Swedish recipe that called for mashed potatoes and bacon and sour cream as a garnish I thought, “Good enough for me!” and decided to make it.


Kroppkakor, as the dish is called is a Swedish dish, hailing from the southern regions of the country. They are namely potato dumplings with a filling of onion and pork or bacon, then served with lingonberry preserves and sour cream. Seriously, I am drooling just thinking about it.


When I started cooking, I had every intention of making them into dumplings. I really did. But when you have two young children, one of which eats like an entire football team and have to wait around for the dough to chill, time sort of becomes a much-needed commodity.


So dumplings turned into gnocchi.


And since the process of rolling out balls, poking holes into the balls, filling the holes with their delicious bacon centers and boiling them was replaced with not doing all that I have much more time to enjoy the delicious flavor explosions these little nubs of tastiness had to offer.

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Kroppkaka Gnocchi
  1. Boil potatoes in a 4 qt pan of salted water until tender.
  2. In a skillet over medium high heat, cook bacon and onions until bacon is crisp and onions are golden, about 8 minutes
  3. Pour off and discard fat.
  4. Mix in allspice to the bacon mixture and let cool.
  5. Drain potatoes and allow them to cool.
  6. Transfer them to a bowl and mash them until they are smooth.
  7. Add flour, eggs, egg yolk and salt, mix well until you have a sticky dough like consistency.
  8. Gently fold in the onion and bacon mixture to the dough.
  9. Cover with plastic wrap and chill for at least 30 minutes.
  10. Bring an 8 qt pan of salted water to boil.
  11. On a lightly floured surface roll your dough into snakes about the thickness of your thumb. Slice into one inch pieces and add to the boiling water.
  12. When the gnocchi floats transfer them to a pan of heated oil and pan-fry or place on a baking sheet to freeze.
  13. Serve pan fried gnocchi with lingonberry jam and sour cream.
Recipe Notes

Traditionally this dish is served as a dumpling, with the filling on the inside. After discussing it with The Chef, we opted for making it more like gnocchi with the filling mixed into the dough. Either way yields very delicious results.

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