Monkey Bread Recipe

I like holiday traditions.  Maybe its because I have a child; because I remember before our tot came along, my husband and I wouldn’t even bother to put up a tree when it was Christmas time.

I guess it all changes when you have a kid and you want to make their holidays and special occasions the best that they can be.

That said, Christmas is a pretty serious business around here, with family.  Advent, cookie bake, Christmas Eve game night.  Christmas morning at extended family’s house opening stockings, having brunch and mimosas, opening gifts, setting up and trying out the kid’s new toys and gadgets, trying out our own toys and gadgets.  Lots of games and laughter and food.

Its a BUSY time of year, enough to make one’s head spin.  So my husband and I have a few of our own traditions for the holidays, like having our own little family gift exchange on Solstice rather than Christmas day.  Otherwise, we wouldn’t have time.  So My husband takes the day off work, we gather around our little tree and share presents and breakfast.

So our newest holiday tradition is a Christmas Monkey Bread.  Its a Super easy recipe that I can toss together within minutes and forget about in the oven until all our presents have been exchanged.



Remove your biscuits from the can and cut each one into quarters. You could probably make your own biscuit dough, but I like the prep time to be quick so i can hang with my family.

TaIe your white sugar, cinnamon, and clove and put it in a freezer bag, toss the biscuit chunks into the back a few as a time and shake, evenly coating the dough chunks.

Toss the delicious sugary dough chunks into a bundt pan, adding in a sprinkling of pecans as you go.

Continue doing this until your bundt pan is full and your dough bits are gone.  Be sure to save a nice amount of crushed pecans for your topping.

Place remaining pecans evenly over the top of the dough bits.

Next, melt the butter in a microwave safe bowl and add brown sugar (I always end up using more butter and sugar than the recipe calls for because I like the extra gooey-ness).

Toss in the oven and forget about it for 45 minutes to an hour.  I always have trouble determining whether the monkey bread is done so half the time I pull it out too soon.  Its okay to get down in the middle parts with a fork to test it out for raw dough.

Once it is done, remove from the bundt pan by inverting it onto a plate.  Allow it to cool a bit before eating it.


I didn’t manage to get a photo of it before it was half gone; but that’s okay, you can see its delicious, delicious innards.