mmm. grey meat

Dinner time was quickly approaching and I just wasn’t in the mood to cook.  I mean duh, I have better things to do like, uhhhhhhh, hmmmm errr, whatever.

That’s not the point.

I decided to have a T.V. dinner night!  I thought if I acted like it was a theme party it would go over well!

“Hey guys let’s have T.V. dinner night!” I said with the enthusiasm of a game show host.

Hook, line, and sink em.

It then dawned on me as I pulled this picture of beauty out of the oven, that T.V. dinners are simply unappreciated.  I too had the realization, that I was in fact deeply in love with the T.V. dinner.  I decided to express my fondness for such wonder, through poetry.

Ode to the T.V. Dinner

Gerry Thomas, you brilliant man

Your T.V. dinners

Well, I’m their biggest fan

In 1954, on the table they were placed

Homage to Frozen Goodness

No more wasting time in the kitchen

No dishes to do, not even a trace

Hungry Man you’re always there

in your cardboard box, packaged up with care

You’re there to help me

When I’m in need

All 4 food groups, yes indeed

Your meatloaf makes me smile

I’ll admit it, I’m not in denial

Bright green peas, carrots galore

Your mashed potatoes have me wanting more

Fried chicken and salisbury steak

And none of this food did I have to make

Am I dreaming, pinch me for real

You had me at hello, with one simple meal.