Pasta Dough Recipe

This pasta recipe is simple, quick, and versatile. Like most good pasta dough recipes, this one has very few ingredients: Eggs, Flour, Water, and Oil. Best of all, it’s done right in the food processor, so you’re gonna have to dig that beast out of storage (hell, keep it out… it’s time to make friends with it again).


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  1. It’s not necessary but the dough seems to come together smoother and easier if the eggs are left out and come to room temperature for a period of time before processing.
  2. Place all ingredients into food processor. Pulse until dough forms into a ball.
  3. Remove dough and lightly coat it with flour. Loosely cover dough ball and let it “rest and relax”. Sounds nice, eh? In about 30 minutes give the dough ball a poke with your finger, it should be pillow soft and not bounce back too much.
  4. On a floured surface, use the palm of your hand to press the dough into a 1″ thick oval. Use a knife to cut the dough into 6 equal portions. Roll the dough out to desired thickness with pasta machine and cut. Remember to use flour for dusting when needed to prevent sticking.
  5. Adaptions: For those of you that have Saffron Threads around you can make Saffron Pasta by simply adding Saffron Threads to the the water. Let threads steep and color the water before adding to the rest of the ingredients.
  6. Got Squid Ink? Make Squid Ink Pasta just by adding ink into your water but keep total amount of liquid at 3 Tablespoons.
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