Homemade hot sauce, using fresh garden-grown naga bhut jolokia peppers. This version is greatly tempered to make it edible without a trip to the emergency room.
  1. Set aside 2 ghost peppers for food processing
  2. Fire roast remaining 9 peppers over open flame
  3. Open all windows and doors
  4. Put on rubber gloves and breathing mask
  5. Place roasted peppers in large saute pan
  6. Dice onion and garlic, add to peppers
  7. Add a touch of water, begin to cook over medium low heat
  8. Puree remaining 2 peppers in food processor and add to mixture on stove
  9. Puree carrots and add to mixture on stove.
  10. Add vinegar & season with salt and pepper.
  11. Vacate premises for 30 minutes
  12. Return, remove from heat, store in air tight containers, and try not to kill yourself doing so