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  1. Roast whole spices – over low heat in heavy metal skillet. Stir constantly. Heat 1 [1/2] to 2 minutes until the aroma from the spices rises. You are releasing the aromatic oils from the spices. Working with a small amount at a time, pour the spices into a mortar and grind by hand with the pestle, until ground to your choice of spice size. This can be coarsely ground for visual impact or ground to a fine powder.
  2. OPT: You may also use an electric grinder.
  3. Cool – store in an airtight -dark interior- container away from heat and light. Spices will degrade if not stored properly.
Recipe Notes

**NOTE – you may choose any mixture of spices from the above list. It’s not necessary to use all (but if you do, the result is a highly fragrant and saporous seasoning.) Mix the various spices to your taste.

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