Recipe: Venison Mincemeat Pie
29″ Pies
29″ Pies
  1. Place all ingredients in pot and bring to a boil and then reduce to a strong simmer. Simmer and reduce while stirring occasionally to prevent scorching. Reduce until thick and bubbles become spurts.
  2. Spread filling on sheet pan and cool completely.
  3. Put filling into pie crust, cover with a topcrust. Seal edges and make slits in top.
  4. Bake @ 450ยบ for 40-50 minutes. Note: glass pie plates work best, allowing a visual inspection of underside of pie.
Recipe Notes


If you have poor aim or live in a blue state, lean ground beef or ground lamb can be substituted for venison.

Experiment with the died fruits: blueberries, apricots and figs may work depending on your tastes, but do not omit apples. Apples provide the necessary pectin that holds the filling together when pie is cool.

Adjust the spices to your liking but keep it around 5 teaspoons