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  1. Mix equal parts soy sauce and rice vinegar
  2. Add brown sugar to taste
  3. Mince 1' fresh ginger and one clove garlic, add to soy mixture
  4. Add a few drops of fish sauce and sriracha
  5. Saute shrimp in bitter until done, set aside to cool
  6. When cool, mince shrimp
  7. Soak rice wrapper in shallow dish of water until pliable
  8. Lay wrapper on large work surface
  9. Layer fresh greens, fresh mint and minced shrimp
  10. Roll tightly, repeat process for each roll
Recipe Notes

The dipping sauce can be adjusted to taste by balancing all ingredients It's best to make the dipping sauce several hours in advance (or the day before) to allow all flavors to level out.
Fresh green leaf can be replaces with baby spinach

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