Hugh Hefner Smoked His Scotch

smoked scotch cocktail

Smoked Cocktails? Yummily!

Ahhhhh. The smell of smoke.

Campfires. Ghost Stories. Sm’ores. Summer Nights.

I love that smell with every ounce of my sarcastic soul, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why the hell no one has yet been brilliant enough to repackage Liquid Smoke as a cologne. I’d seriously be all over that sh*t like a dog on goose poop.

scenting cocktails with smoke

So there I was, not too far in the distant past, thinking about the concept of smoke and liquid smoke and booze and smoked booze and oh. my. god. could ANY combination ever be more brilliant than THAT?

Off I tottered to the giant chemistry set at the hub’s restaurant. You know, the one loaded with colorful glass bottles and shakers and muddlers and mixers. Oh my.

So. What would taste great with smoke? Scotch and whiskey were the first to come to mind, with bourbon following closely behind. Okay, well I haven’t played with the scotches in awhile, what goes with scotch?

…and so my internal dialogue continued, until before I knew what had happened, I was geeking like an 8th-grade lab rat over a Bunsen burner, ready to make some sh*t explode.

During the entire process of “Serious Cocktail Inventing”, I kept getting visions of nasty old men with gold chains entangled in their salt and pepper chest hair, hanging out naked in silk smoking jackets, puffing on cigars and talking about innately boring sh*t. What? I have an overactive imagination. Shut up. That’s how the Hugh Hefner was born. Make it, then send me a thank you note.


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Hugh Hefner Smoked Scotch Cocktail
  1. Muddle fresh rosemary and a touch of Drambuie in the bottom of a rocks glass
  2. Fill glass with ice
  3. Add Scotch
  4. Add Drambuie
  5. Top with soda water
  6. Mist with three spritzes of atomized liquid smoke
  7. Stir once
  8. Garnish with sprig of rosemary and serve
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By Restaurant Widow

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