To protect the identities of those involved in this story, I will have to change some names.

Let me tell you a little tale about my friend Annabelle and the time she forced me to eat sushi.

sushi bar

We all have that friend that we are super competitive with, right?  Ya know… when phrases like “I double dog dare ya” and “Pshha I bet you can’t!” are part of the everyday jargon between the two.  Such is the case with my friend Annabelle and I.  We compete at EVERYTHING… everything is a dare, a challenge, a race, I’m talkin’ we even race in the bathroom to see who can pee the fastest.

Yah, that bad.

Fast forward to the famous sushi conversation.  It was a sunny day on the mountain, we were enjoying some nice powder runs and guzzling some crisp beer!  When all of a sudden (beyond my control) the conversation turned to food.  When this happens, I have a tendency to nod and smile politely while thinking about what it would be like for two fat people to have sex.  I mean anything is better than discussing food.  Next thing ya know, Annabelle proclaims that “eating sushi is, like, orgasmic dude”.

Annabelle, say what?

“Ick dude!” I replied.  “I’m not eating Nemo!”

And I meant it.

Nemo and Friends

Nothing about raw anything was appetizing to me.  “C’mon ya wuss (another common endearing term between Annabelle and I), how do you know until you try it?”  This is the part where I stand up, slide my headphones on and walk out to the lift.

A few months pass and I was super excited that a Michael Jackson cover band was coming to a nearby city.  So of course, I called Annabelle to see if she wanted to go.  “Ohhhhhh ok I’ll go, there’s a great sushi place there!” she exclaimed.

“Yeah, er, um, yeah.” I managed to spit out.

eating sushi for the first time

Needless to say, I just had to eat this damn sushi or else I’d lose the challenge.  When it arrived I stared at it, hoping it would jump up and tell me some jokes or something.  I did not want to eat it.

I took a deep breath and then took a bite of this “combo” as Annabelle referred to it, and I had to spit it out.  Of course I couldn’t just take a little bite because as Annabelle told me right then and there that it’s an insult to the chef if you don’t eat it in one big bite.

Screw the chef. I almost gagged.

I had to spit it out.

I had heard so much about sea urchin balls or uni and had to have a taste of that as well.  I took a q-tip sized piece of the orange crap and ate it.  Grossest thing I have ever put into my mouth. To date.

But I had enough sac to try it, so put that in your pipe and smoke it.

I then tried the yellowtail sashimi and melted into my seat.  I had never tasted anything so simple, yet so delicious.

I’m now a sushi whore and Annabelle won that bet.  Which, of course, irked me to no end, but I guess I ~sputter, choke, cough~ have to thank her, because yum.

I just hope she never reads this, but I survived it!